Printing of sub-20 nm wide graphene ribbon arrays using nanoimprinted graphite stamps and electrostatic force assisted bonding

Chao Wang, Keith J Morton, Zengli Fu, Wen-Di Li, Stephen Y Chou
2011 Nanotechnology  
Nano-graphene ribbons are promising in many electronic applications, as their bandgaps can be opened by reducing the widths, e.g. below 20 nm. However, a high-throughput method to pattern large-area nano-graphene features is still not available. Here we report a fabrication method of sub-20 nm ribbons on graphite stamps by nanoimprint lithography and a transfer-printing of the graphene ribbons to a Si wafer using electrostatic force assisted bonding. These methods provide a path for fast and high-throughput nano-graphene device production.
doi:10.1088/0957-4484/22/44/445301 pmid:21975519 fatcat:466gpbffibarxen3e5hwwgxuni