The New Governance of Sustainable Food Systems: Shared Insights from Four Rural Communities in Canada and the EU [thesis]

Chantal Clement
For over half a century, industrial agricultural and food systems have developed to the detriment of rural spaces. Alongside modernization and growth, many local communities have experienced not only economic loss, but a loss of purpose and identity as well. As one response to these changes, sustainable local food systems (SLFS) initiatives are being pursued by a growing number of communities. Their belief is that an alternative paradigm based on SLFSs is needed to support vibrant rural
more » ... brant rural livelihoods: by challenging v needed a firm nudge!). Always pushing the boundaries of my thoughts and offering advice exactly when I felt stuck in my own thoughts were an incredible motivator.
doi:10.22215/etd/2017-11790 fatcat:7qiobvh4mrhmdkuzyskdmuiowu