Application Design Considerations [chapter]

Alexander Supalov, Andrey Semin, Michael Klemm, Christopher Dahnken
2014 Optimizing HPC Applications with Intel® Cluster Tools  
In Chapters 5 to 7 we reviewed the methods, tools, and techniques for application tuning, explained by using examples of HPC applications and benchmarks. The whole process followed the top-down software optimization framework explained in Chapter 3. The general approach to the tuning process is based on a quantitative analysis of execution resources required by an application and how these match the capabilities of the platform the application is run on. The blueprint analysis of platform
more » ... s of platform capabilities and system-level tuning considerations were provided in Chapter 4, based on several system architecture metrics discussed in Chapter 2. In this final chapter we would like to generalize the approach to application performance analysis, and offer a different and higher level view of application and system bottlenecks. The higher level view is needed to see potentially new, undiscovered performance limitations caused by invisible details inside the internal implementations of software, firmware, and hardware components.
doi:10.1007/978-1-4302-6497-2_8 fatcat:z2zifl6lo5hihkqdmzjnh4633u