Difficulties encountered in pregnancy, labor and lactation in working class mothers and those of the educated classes

1922 American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology  
REVIEWS AND ABSTRACTS 449 on the management of ordinary labor in which he advocates patience and gentleuess in imitation of Nature, which "is a perfect operatrix" Harvey says, "if you carefully ponder Nature's w01·ks, you shaH find none of them made in vain, but a.ll directed to some end and some good".-:E'. L. ADAIR. Keukenschriever and DoOJtenbos: Parturition in Javanese Women. General Tijclschrift voor Neilerlanclsch Indie, Abstr. Neclerlandsch Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde, 1922, i, 403. It
more » ... s always of interest to compare labor in women who have been under the influence of civilization for only a short time with the same ~process in European women. It is for this reason that the above authors made careful notes of 1,000 native women delivered in a hospital in Java. In the seTies there were three deaths, t'"~o from eela1npsia and one from malaria. In only four cases were forceps applied. The number of stillborn children amounted to 3.73·%-Twins occmred once in every 180 cases. In only two out of 400 patients in whom the urine was examined were traces of albumin found. Placenta previa occurred only three times and in these, delivery was spontaneous after rupturing the membranes. In ·16% of the patients the temperature rose above 38°0. due to malaria or infections, none of which were serious. Pyelonephritis and phlebitis were not encountered. Since all syphilitic patients are registered in the islands, syphilitic mothers are treated early, therefore there were no syphilitic children. The average weight of the infants was 2,797 gm. as against 3,500 in European children. The authors found that the infants' weight was greater in those cases where the women spent some time in the hospital previous to delivery. The internal pelvic measurements corresponded closely to those of European women, while the external measurements were less, owing to the finer bone structure of the .Tavanese.-R. E-WoBus.
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