Ecological citizenship: a driver of pro-environmental behaviour?

Sverker C. Jagers, Johan Martinsson, Simon Matti
2013 Environmental Politics  
From a mainly theoretical point of departure, an Ecological Citizenship has been suggested to function as a driver for the individual's pro-environmental behaviour (PEB), providing a more stable foundation for lifestyle changes than, for instance, economic or other external policy tools. In this paper, we take our starting-point in the notion of ecological citizenship (EC) as outlined by, among others, Dobson (2007) . Our objective is to examine the relevance of Ecological Citizenship ideals
more » ... tizenship ideals for explaining pro-environmental behavior, by applying unique survey data from a mail questionnaire sent out to a random sample of the Swedish population in 2009, specifically designed to capture various aspects of EC. We find that there are people fulfilling the demands expressed by EC-theory, that -compared to average people -individuals who think along the lines of ecological citizenship are more likely to behave in an environmentally friendly way in their ordinary lives, and that certain aspects of EC are more important for pro-environmental behavior than others.
doi:10.1080/09644016.2013.835202 fatcat:aongx44x2rcpbbbagpdnls6o4i