Virtual pitch integration for asynchronous harmonics

John H. Grose, Joseph W. Hall, Emily Buss
2002 Journal of the Acoustical Society of America  
This experiment examined the generation of virtual pitch for harmonically related tones that do not overlap in time. The interval between successive tones was systematically varied in order to gauge the integration period for virtual pitch. A pitch discrimination task was employed, and both harmonic and nonharmonic tone series were tested. The results confirmed that a virtual pitch can be generated by a series of brief, harmonically related tones that are separated in time. Robust virtual pitch
more » ... obust virtual pitch information can be derived for intervals between successive 40-ms tones of up to about 45 ms, consistent with a minimum estimate of integration period of about 210 ms. Beyond intertone intervals of 45 ms, performance becomes more variable and approaches an upper limit where discrimination of tone sequences can be undertaken on the basis of the individual frequency components. The individual differences observed in this experiment suggest that the ability to derive a salient virtual pitch varies across listeners.
doi:10.1121/1.1514934 pmid:12509016 fatcat:wo5uevnrtrdvlbwh4mtm3yokqa