Domain wall motion in magnetically frustrated nanorings

M. V. Lubarda, M. A. Escobar, S. Li, R. Chang, E. E. Fullerton, V. Lomakin
2012 Physical Review B  
We describe a magnetically frustrated nanoring (MFNR) configuration which is formed by introducing antiferromagnetic coupling across an interface orthogonal to the ring's circumferential direction. Such structures have the unique characteristic that only one itinerant domain wall (DW) can exist in the ring, which does not need to be nucleated or injected into the structure and can never escape making it analogous to a magnetic Möbius strip. Numerical simulations show that the DW in a MFNR can
more » ... DW in a MFNR can be driven consecutively around the ring with a prescribed cyclicity, and that the frequency of revolutions can be controlled by the applied field. The energy landscapes can be controlled to be flat allowing for low fields of operation or to have a barrier for thermal stability. Potential logic and memory applications of MFNRs are considered and discussed.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.85.214428 fatcat:vnhdreoewvbe5i66ic7vgvkaya