Rapid millennial-scale vegetation changes in the tropical Andes

D. H. Urrego, H. Hooghiemstra, O. Rama-Corredor, B. Martrat, J. O. Grimalt, L. Thompson, Data Contributors
2015 Climate of the Past Discussions  
We compare eight pollen records reflecting climatic and environmental change from the tropical Andes. Our analysis focuses on the last 50 ka, with particular emphasis on the Pleistocene to Holocene transition. We explore ecological grouping and downcore ordination results as two approaches for extracting environmental variability from pollen records. We also use the records of aquatic and shoreline vegetation as markers for lake level fluctuations, and precipitation change. Our analysis focuses
more » ... ur analysis focuses on the signature of millennial-scale variability in the tropical Andes, in particular, Heinrich stadials and Greenland interstadials. We identify rapid responses of the tropical vegetation to this climate variability, and relate differences between sites to moisture sources and site sensitivity.
doi:10.5194/cpd-11-1701-2015 fatcat:wpfhxnqjrnfbfc2l733lzka6a4