Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Graphene Oxide Reinforced Aluminum Composites

Dasari, Brabazon, Naher
2019 Metals  
Estimating the effect of graphene oxide (GO) reinforcement on overall properties of aluminum (Al) matrix composites experimentally is time-consuming and involves high manufacturing costs and sophisticated characterizations. An attempt was made in this paper to predict the mechanical properties of GO/Al composites by using a micromechanical finite element approach. The materials used for prediction included monolayer and multilayer GO layers distributed uniformly on the spherical Al matrix
more » ... cal Al matrix particles. The estimation was done by assuming that a representative volumetric element (RVE) represents the composite structure, and reinforcement and matrix were modeled as continuum. The load transfer between the GO reinforcement and Al was modeled using joint elements that connect the two materials. The numerical results from the finite element model were compared with Voigt model and experimental results from the GO/Al composites produced at optimized process parameters. A good agreement of numerical results with the theoretical models was noted. The load-bearing capacity of the Al matrix increased with the addition of GO layers, however, Young's modulus of the GO/Al composites decreased with an increase in the number of layers from monolayer to 5 layers. The numerical results presented in this paper have demonstrated the applicability of the current approach for predicting the overall properties of composites.
doi:10.3390/met9101077 fatcat:ha44rndrcrdlpdlbr7uapqne4q