Linewidth Enhancement Factor and Amplification of Angle-Modulated Optical Signals in Injection-Locked Quantum Cascade Lasers

Taraprasad Chattopadhyay, Prosenjit Bhattacharyya
2016 Journal of optical communications  
AbstractThis paper presents a nonlinear analysis of the effect of linewidth enhancement factor (LEF) on the amplification of angle-modulated optical signals in injection-locked mid-infrared (IR) quantum cascade lasers (QCLs). A higher value of LEF tends to conserve the output angle modulation index of the amplified mid-IR signal particularly in the low-modulation frequency region. Further, a higher value of signal injection ratio produces a wider bandwidth of the locked QCL amplifier. The LEF
more » ... mplifier. The LEF introduces asymmetry in the lockband (LB) of the injection-locked QCL and this asymmetry increases with the increase in the value of LEF. Typically ratio of calculated lower-side LB to upper-side LB for an injection power level of – 20 dB and a LEF of unity is 1.67. The electron relaxation time in the uppermost subband lasing level in a three-level system has a profound effect on the LB asymmetry in a QCL.
doi:10.1515/joc-2015-0009 fatcat:bukwafg6hnhv5lth5o3fngxzmu