When liquids and fricatives outrank stops: A Kuwaiti Arabic-speaking child with Down syndrome and protracted phonological development

Hadeel Salama Ayyad, Barbara May Bernhardt
2022 figshare.com  
This paper describes the phonological system of a monolingual Kuwaiti Arabic-speaking 9-year-old girl with Down Syndrome (DS) as part of a special crosslinguistic issue presenting individual profiles of children with protracted phonological development within the framework of constraints-based nonlinear phonology. Her responses to a 100-word speech test were audio-recorded and transcribed narrowly by two native speakers. Analyses showed low accuracy for word shapes (CV sequences), primarily
more » ... use of expected deletion patterns in initial weak syllables and clusters, but also reflecting inaccuracies in segment length. Vowel match was also relatively low. For consonants, she unexpectedly showed lower accuracy for stops than typically later-developing liquids and fricatives. This case study provides researchers and speech-language pathologists with broader information about expected and unexpected patterns in children with DS and protracted phonological development in general.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.20630782.v1 fatcat:yuuskfv2qber5a7y3yh7bvek3u