尿路感染症に対するCeftriaxone (Ro 13-9904) の使用経験

1984 Chemotherapy  
Prefectural Hospital Ceftriaxone (CTRX, Ro 13-9904) was evaluated on the clinical efficacy and safety in 49 patients suffering from urinary tract infections (UTI), consisting of 42 with chronic complicated UTI, 5 with acute simple cystitis, 1 with acute simple urethritis and 1 with acute prostatitis. CTRX was administered intravenously in a daily dose of 1 or 2 g for 3 or 5 days. The clinical efficacy, evaluated according to the 2nd Edition of Judgement of UTI Criteria, was excellent in 8
more » ... ts, moderate in 13 and poor in 8 out of 29 patients with chronic complicated UTI, the efficacy rate being 72.4%, while it was excellent in all 4 with acute simple cystitis evaluated. Bacteriological examination revealed that 32 out of 36 strains isolated from chronic complicated UTI patients were eradicated by the administration with CTRX. For example, all 3 strains of S. epidermidis, all 4 strains of S. faecalis, all 4 strains of E. coli, all 2 strains of E. cloacae, all 4 strains of S. marcescens, all 3 strains of P. cepacia and 4 of 6 strains of P. aeruginosa disappeared after the treatment. As the adverse reaction urticaria was observed in 1 case while the laboratory test found an elevation of GOT, GPT and Al-P in another. CTRX was globally judged from the above findings to be useful in the treatment of UTI.
doi:10.11250/chemotherapy1953.32.supplement7_653 fatcat:f3hccjfczzglhikswbra355bxe