Possibility of mt <=MW for SUSY-Type of Two Higgs Doublet Model

W.-S. Hou, E.-B. Tsai, C.-Q. Geng, P. Turcotte
1995 Progress of theoretical physics  
Allowing for realistic uncertainties in input parameters, we demonstrate that the present CLEO limit of 5.4× 10^-4 for inclusive b→ sγ decay does not yet fully exclude the t→ bH^+ decay possibility in supersymmetric type of two Higgs doublet models. Combined with direct search for t→ bH^+ via H^+→τ^+ν at the Tevatron, we conclude that tanβ∼ 1 is the "allowed" window for m_H^+ < m_t < M_W. The possibility becomes excluded, however, if the CLEO limit is pushed below 4× 10^-4.
doi:10.1143/ptp.94.1089 fatcat:4xy7tai33be6vpe72a7k5psahm