Original Article Associations between tumor markers and the risk of colorectal polyp recurrence in Chinese people

Jing Tong, Ying Wang, Bing Chang, Dai Zhang, Bingyuan Wang
2015 Int J Clin Exp Med   unpublished
Colorectal cancer primarily arises from the polyps of the colon. Early identification of the recurrence of colorectal polyps represents the best opportunity to prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer. Thus, the high risk of recurrence is the primary problem. The aim of this study was to examine the associations between tumor markers (CEA and CA19-9) and colorectal polyp recurrence in Chinese people. The risk of colorectal polyp recurrence was studied in 156 subjects (113 males and 43
more » ... males and 43 females, 58.654±11.447 years old) who underwent colonoscopy and polypectomy for the first time between. All subjects underwent colonoscopies within 6-12 months. Between the colorectal polyp recurrence group and the no recurrence group, the CEA and CA19-9 levels were significantly different, and the trend analyses were consistent with increased risks of recurrence with increasing CEA and CA19-9 levels among the males and patients with single polyps, multiple polyps and proximal colon polyps. The recurrence of colorectal polyps was significantly associated with increased CEA and CA19-9 levels.