Application of the Ergun's Equation in Porous Ceramic Based on CaO-Stabilized ZrO2

Y. Bruni, L. Garrido, E. Aglietti
2012 Procedia Materials Science  
The study of the permeability in porous ceramics with potential application as filters is essential because this parameter includes a number of processing variables such as porosity and pore size of great importance in the development of porous media. The knowledge of the relationship between permeability and these variables, provide a better criterion to determine the process variables that result in an optimization of the permeability. The optimization of this parameter is a basic requirement
more » ... for an adequate operation of the ceramic as a filter material. In this study, the permeability of porous ceramic prepared from different compositions of the mixture of ZrO 2 and a high alumina cement with 30 wt% CaO and sintered at 1400 ° C was experimental and theoretically evaluated. Theoretical evaluation of permeablity was performed using the Ergun´s equation, which describes the permeability constant as a funtion of the porosity and mean pore size of the porous material
doi:10.1016/j.mspro.2012.06.056 fatcat:bzp2uh527vhf5ep2i6awlw42ma