The Nanaimo Free Press [Wednesday, December 6, 1911] [article]

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P«k|>roMht>s •»*r'«t«ro build, "*• . buitdiiiK "«*isr conalruc-'in, OimMci nr* twuoinc to tor Mr-iiNG.amv ttUMo IN RMITE n MUI (view. nodiU r*U«iou. ah« pollUcnl. 'on *Il«u« Ornco MorgMi Mid Bdl* 8U-i^-urtor iitornl L.vena, as alto Prof. Uarv«}-, tra\-eUe'■ Stevens ia atajing at the T« «-'ily with her luarrletl slater. mlnal hMail bowel • d fa} an trlbuu to tha e mliMlj iajsred when an express ^th.prMid«t ofth. Mrm. this evening at 8 o-eUw-k m *»•*»«. ,««th appropriate ra the Nanaina, Athletic
more » ... lub to arr-marks, and a program at rocal and angc atHiut the holding of a social instrumental aetotiona and , gathering toward, .\,iui«. All Interest tlona waa rendered. The pre ^.re invited lo attend. Cum al of tUm to Mr.. Smith wad nLl TheW.A. of St., Ihsul-a Church will **"• Mrs. Smith expr hold a Uiiwlonary IVa on TTiunulav her appreciation of the feeling of the aUern^n, Iiec. 7ih at the home of menOwm which had prongited for the c r a twenty which had iMgiUA, Dae. 0.-Throe negroes «"a one negreas were burned l•hnlk iqr an Irate mob of farmera who oh.lected to them aet-' TTiey were tied to wagons which were then set on Ore. la^httolr dUlrlct a M ** cotton, wbl the worlTTf tto*^v^. hoi-on the ore of her depar W.1..8e}riiour nallas who is in charge tdro from Xanahno aftto W..O". .. m "r"'Tif"w f""*! therein which In dined ciAmiiunicatlon w-Hh iiUn. her in cioee cooUrt with Klfl«m reota will tie chargnl for ad-members of the League whose frlsod miasion. and further donatlnna will ship she would always lense he thankfully received. Tea will lie her new home in Vanconrer served and the hoate,*,. for the aftemoon will I* Ml*. Hioclctt and _ "mllh al«> dellTerad a abort l. apeech. and Ueasra Harry and Capt. Y.tea apoU of the atar-Mra. Uark Hale jr. the bait to be given -lust arrived, large assortment htsWmhtart «f St.
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