Color optimization of single emissive white OLEDs via energy transfer between RGB fluorescent dopants

Nam Ho Kim, You-Hyun Kim, Ju-An Yoon, Sang Youn Lee, Dae Hyun Ryu, Richard Wood, C.-B. Moon, Woo Young Kim
2013 Journal of Luminescence  
The electroluminescent characteristics of white organic light-emitting diodes (WOLEDs) were investigated including single emitting layer (SEL) with an ADN host and dopants; BCzVBi, C545T, and DCJTB for blue, green and red emission, respectively. The structure of the high efficiency WOLED device was; ITO/NPB(700 Å)/ADN: BCzVBi-7%:C545T-0.05%:DCJTB-0.1%(300 Å)/Bphen(300 Å)/Liq(20 Å)/Al(1200 Å) for mixing three primary colors. Luminous efficiency was 9.08 cd/A at 3.5 V and Commission Intenationale
more » ... ssion Intenationale de L'eclairage (CIE x,y ) coordinates of white emission was measured as (0.320, 0.338) at 8 V while simulated CIE x,y coordinates were (0.336, 0.324) via estimation from each dopant's PL spectrum.
doi:10.1016/j.jlumin.2013.05.048 fatcat:wxrqti3qpffwzkjqlmdmuhamxu