SAGE2: A collaboration portal for scalable resolution displays

Luc Renambot, Thomas Marrinan, Jillian Aurisano, Arthur Nishimoto, Victor Mateevitsi, Krishna Bharadwaj, Lance Long, Andy Johnson, Maxine Brown, Jason Leigh
2016 Future generations computer systems  
In this paper, we present SAGE2, a software framework that enables local and remote collaboration on Scalable Resolution Display Environments (SRDE). An SRDE can be any configuration of displays, ranging from a single monitor to a wall of tiled flat-panel displays. SAGE2 creates a seamless ultra-high resolution desktop across the SRDE. Users can wirelessly connect to the SRDE with their own devices in order to interact with the system. Many users can simultaneously utilize a drag-and-drop
more » ... ace to transfer local documents and show them on the SRDE, use a mouse pointer and keyboard to interact with existing content that is on the SRDE and share their screen so that it is viewable to all. SAGE2 can be used in many configurations and is able to support many communities working with various types of media and high-resolution content, from research meetings to creative session to education. SAGE2 is browser-based, utilizing a web server to host content, WebSockets for message passing and HTML with JavaScript for rendering and interaction. Recent web developments, with the emergence of HTML5, have allowed browsers to use advanced rendering techniques without requiring plug-ins (canvas drawing, WebGL 3D rendering, native video player, etc.). One major benefit of browser-based software is that there are no installation requirements for users and it is inherently cross-platform. A user simply needs a web browser on the device he/she wishes to use as an interaction tool for the SRDE. This lowers considerably the barrier of entry to engage in meaningful collaboration sessions.
doi:10.1016/j.future.2015.05.014 fatcat:rgzml2352je7vnzott7h5qzaji