Differential space-code modulation for interference suppression

Jianhua Liu, Jian Li, Hongbin Li, E.G. Larsson
2001 IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing  
Space-time coding has been receiving much attention recently due to its potentials offered by fully exploiting the spatial and temporal diversities of multiple transmit and receive antennas. A differential space-time modulation (DSTM) scheme was recently proposed for demodulation without channel state information, which is attractive in fast fading channels where accurate channel estimates are difficult to obtain. However, this technique is sensitive to interference and is likely to deteriorate
more » ... or even break down in a wireless environment, where interference (including intentional and unintentional jamming) signals exist. We propose a new coding and modulation scheme, referred to as the differential space-code modulation (DSCM), which is interference resistant. Our focus is on single-user communications. We show that DSCM outperforms DSTM significantly when interference is present. This advantage is achieved at the cost of a lower data rate or a wider bandwidth or a combination of both. To alleviate this problem, a high-rate DSCM (HR-DSCM) scheme is also presented, which increases the data rate considerably at the cost of a slightly higher bit-error rate (BER), while still maintaining the interference suppression capability.
doi:10.1109/78.934149 fatcat:irbwyyzambccdhwvu7jkxdrxy4