Scattering of Conduction Electrons on the Static Deformation Raised by Irradiation in n-GaP Crystals

Norik Е. Grigoryan, Hrant N. Yeritsyan, Vachagan V. Harutyunyan, Narek A. Hakobyan, Eduard A. Aleksanyan, Vahan A. Sahakyan
2015 Journal of Modern Physics  
Study of spectral dependences of absorption coefficient at the region of absorption by free carriers shows that the introduction of radiation defects in n-GaP crystals leads to the appearance of additional scattering besides of traditional ones. A new scattering mechanism on "frozen" phonons (deformation localized near the radiation defects) is suggested and its behavior in experimental and theoretical aspects taking into account Х 1с -Х 3с transitions at the scattering process has been
more » ... It was shown that the increase of "frozen" phonons' concentration results to the growth of this mechanism contribution in the whole scattering and the absorption coefficient by free carriers is described approximately by low α ∼ ω -r , where −1/2 ≤ r ≤ 7/2. Suggested scattering mechanism allows explaining qualitatively the decrease of r. It was established that the disordered by irradiation region effectively decreases the concentration of free carriers, but being a region of increased resistivity, it influences the scattering slightly even at the actual quantum region ε ω   .
doi:10.4236/jmp.2015.613199 fatcat:i3jqk5tutrctte2z7dwcnd5kie