The priority broadcast scheme for dynamic broadcast in hypercubes and related networks

Chi-Hsiang Yeh, E.A. Varvarigos, Hua Lee
1999 Proceedings. Frontiers '99. Seventh Symposium on the Frontiers of Massively Parallel Computation  
Dynamic broadcast is a communication problem where each node in a parallel computer generates packets to be broadcast to all the other nodes according to a certain random process. The lower bound on the average time required by any oblivious dynamic broadcast algorithm in an ndimensional hypercube is Ωn+ 1 1,ρ when packets are generated according to a Poisson process, where ρ is the load factor. The best previous algorithms, however, only achieve Ω n 1,ρ time, which is suboptimal by a factor of
more » ... imal by a factor of Θn. In this paper, we propose the priority broadcast scheme for designing dynamic broadcast algorithms that require optimal On + 1 1,ρ time in an n-dimensional hypercube. We apply the routing scheme to other network topologies, including k-ary n-cubes, meshes, tori, star graphs, generalized hypercubes, as well as any symmetric network, for efficient dynamic broadcast. In particular, the algorithms for star graphs, generalized hypercubes, and k-ary n-cubes with k = O1 are also asymptotically optimal. We also propose a method for assigning priority classes to packets, called optimal priority assignment, which achieves the best possible performance for dynamic multiple broadcast in any network topology.
doi:10.1109/fmpc.1999.750612 fatcat:yus7utagonc6zklf2zwvx5jhje