Nebojša Cvetković, Jovana Cvetković
2018 Facta Universitatis Series Physical Education and Sport  
The modern way of life lead to the emergence of hypokinesis, obesity or various conditions and spine curvature disorders which are more and more present among younger children. The aim of this research was to determine the connection between nutritional levels and kyphosis and lordosis among preschool children. The sample of participants included of 50 boys and girls, preschoolers aged 6 to 7, who attend the Jelica Obradović Preschool in Mladenovac. Previous approval was obtained from their
more » ... ined from their parents and teachers for participation in this study. To evaluate nutritional levels, the body mass index was used, which divided the participants into four categories: underweight, normal weight, overweight and obese. Somatoscopy was used to evaluate posture, along with a wooden frame to which a net with square decimeters was attached. Based on the results of this test, the following variables were obtained: normal posture, poor posture, first level of severity and poor posture, second level of severity. To determine the connection, or possible influence of the nutritional levels on body posture, the Chi square test was used. The results indicate that there is no statistically significant connection between nutritional levels and kyphosis and lordosis for this group of preschool children. This could indicate that obesity and underweight do not influence the occurrence of spine curvature disorders independently, but probably in combination with other factors such as heredity, physical inactivity, etc.
doi:10.22190/fupes180722027c fatcat:dtkrzj4ggrew3laji2jkbr25zu