V. Nefyodov, O. Kalinichenko
2020 Komunalʹne Gospodarstvo Mìst  
In a market economy, it becomes relevant to improve the organization management. The aim of solving this problem is to reduce the cost of production in order to increase its sales and increase competitiveness in the consumer goods market. The current state of retail trade in Ukraine in terms of the enterprises development their shares in the total volume of trade, the use of business organization advanced principles, experts assess as rapidly developing. Even modern crisis phenomena in the
more » ... enomena in the economy are not of the nature that can change the trends in the qualitative transformations of retail trade. The article analyzes the consumer goods market in Ukraine, which is developing most dynamically. It was found that the consumer goods market capacity has more than tripled recently and has a steady tendency towards further growth. At the same time, in addition to quantitative changes, this market is undergoing qualitative changes, which consist in changing the ratio between food and non-food products, as well as in changing the share of trade enterprises commodity circulation. Existing approaches to organizing the supply chain, based on the idea of turnover as a continuous flow of materials, cannot provide the necessary efficiency of the supply chain due to the fact that they do not take into account very influential factors, such as the relatively long time between adjacent deliveries, the likelihood of a return on the products share and forwarding batch supplies. Therefore, the most appropriate is the presentation by the material flow of consumer goods as a partially ordered movement of goods individual discrete components, which are significantly influenced by both internal (rationalization of marketing and logistics assets in the promotion of material flows, rationalization of inventory management systems, the need for redistribution of stocks between parts of the supply chain), and external (competitive environment, social and geopolitical factors, level of service) factors. Keywords: consumer goods, delivery, automobile transport.
doi:10.33042/2522-1809-2020-3-156-17-21 fatcat:qbg3uqtio5hr5io5mvruzjmj3y