Inspection Method of Rope Arrangement in the Ultra-Deep Mine Hoist Based on Optical Projection and Machine Vision

Lixiang Shi, Jianping Tan, Shaohua Xue, Jiwei Deng
2021 Sensors  
Due to the importance of safety detection of the drum's rope arrangement in the ultra-deep mine hoist and the current situation whereby the speed, accuracy and robustness of rope routing detection are not up to the requirements, a novel machine-vision-detection method based on the projection of the drum's edge is designed in this paper. (1) The appropriate position of the point source corresponding to different reels is standardized to obtain better projection images. (2) The corresponding
more » ... processing and edge curve detection algorithm are designed according to the characteristics of rope arrangement projection. (3) The Gaussian filtering algorithm is improved to adapt to the situation that the curve contains wavelet peak noise when extracting the eigenvalues of the edge curve. (4) The DBSCAN (density-based spatial clustering of applications with noise) method is used to solve the unsupervised classification problem of eigenvalues of rope arrangement, and the distance threshold is calculated according to the characteristics of this kind of data. Finally, we can judge whether there is a rope arranging fault just through one frame and output the location and number of the fault. The accuracy and robustness of the method are verified both in the laboratory and the ultra-deep mine simulation experimental platform. In addition, the detection speed can reach 300 fps under the premise of stable detection.
doi:10.3390/s21051769 pmid:33806401 fatcat:65vvz3nt4ncw7gwr73e7i2s6xi