Prioritizing Project Stakeholders

Ivan Oberemok, Nataliia Oberemok
2021 International Workshop IT Project Management  
The companies use competitive-oriented principles in their activates and implement projectoriented methods and tools for increasing competitiveness. For using both client-oriented and project-based approaches, it is necessary to consider all stakeholders of the company's projects as clients. The stakeholder assesses the degree of homeostasis of the satisfaction level of values with the received products and given resources when it deciding to participate in the project. Project teams should
more » ... lve stakeholders in the project to gain access to and use their resources in the project. It is possible to attract a stakeholder to the project by offering them an interesting product that has parameters important for the stakeholder. Determining the optimal parameters of the project product makes it possible to attract the necessary stakeholders. The difficulty in determining the optimal parameters is that the project may include many stakeholders and their requirements for the product can vary significantly. In this case, when creating project products, it is should focusing on priority stakeholders. Stakeholder priority is determined by the uniqueness and importance of the resources that the stakeholder passes to the project. The article proposed a method for determining the priority of a stakeholder due to the importance of the resource for the implementation of project objectives. The use of a stakeholder prioritization method is possible in different phases of a project. At the initiation phase, it is possible to prioritize the types of stakeholders, taking into account the planned requirements from their side to the product project. The planning and implementation phase clarifies the list of stakeholders, their product requirements and the importance of the resources they provide. The paper also presents an example of the implementation of the method for determining the priorities of project stakeholders at the initiation phase. As a result of the research, we can conclude that the successful implementation of a project in current conditions requires meeting the requirements of priority stakeholders.
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