Export decision making framwork in steel industry

Rasoul Sanavifard, Mohamad Ahmadi, Ali Hamidizadeh
2021 مطالعات مدیریت راهبردی  
Aim and introduction: Exports at the macro and micro levels are of particular importance. At the macro level, it improves the economic situation and creates employment, and at the corporate level, it provides an opportunity for less dependence on the domestic market, gaining new customers, and reducing costs through economies of scale. Steel industry is mentioned as one of the main industries and stimulus of other industries, which can strengthen the country's economy. Due to some advantages,
more » ... cluding cheap energy, Iran can have a good position in this industry and a good opportunity in this field to produce and export. Therefore, despite the fact that steel has the country's export priorities, as well as the domestic market recession and the role of exports in the profitability and growth of companies, steel exports are far from reaching the desired position. This doubles the necessity and importance of exports. Given the importance of exports, it is necessary to identify the components that affect the decision to export. In other words, achieving the goals, including export goals, requires the right decisions in this area. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to identify the components affecting export decision making and their relationship with each other in the form of a conceptual model. Methodology: The present study is applied and descriptive in terms of implementation strategy and survey. The statistical population in the first stage (qualitative approach, Delphi method) consisted of 10 people and then 30 people. In the second stage (quantitative approach) includes all the deputies and senior managers of Khuzestan Steel Company in the number of 280 people, which considering the reliability coefficient of 0.95, the number of samples according to Cochran's formula was 162 people. In order to ensure 170 distribution questionnaires, 168 of which were returned and analyzed. The face and initial content validity of the structure was evaluated and confirmed using experts' opinions in two stages (distribution [...]
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