Long-term follow-up of the radiological features of a case with congenital sensory neuropathy
Congenital sensory neuropathyの長期X線像の追跡

Ryuichi SAURA
1989 Japanese Journal of Rheumatism and Joint Surgery  
A case of congenital sensory neuropathy with developing neurotrophic bone and joint disease in the right foot is reported. The patient was a 17-year-old girl who, at the age of 4, had swelling of the soft tissue in the tarsal area of the right foot and insensitivity to pain of the hands and feet. Severe neurotrophic bone and joint disease of the tarsal bones developed in her right foot despite preventative therapy with bracing. The disease has been characterized in the literature as follows;
more » ... onset in infancy, (2) nonprogression, (3) normal intelligence, (4) absence of superficial sensory input, (5) muscular hypotonia in affected limbs, (6) absence of deep tendon reflexes, (7) normal automonic function and (8) decreased sensory nerve conduction velocity. Our patient showed most of these features. The differential diagnoses of the disease include congenital indifference to pain, congenital insensitivity to pain, hereditary radicular neuropathy and other peripheral neuropathy caused
doi:10.11551/jsjd1982.8.157 fatcat:od57isrp7nburpjjkuja3wyply