Synthesis of Fluorite-Type Nanopowders by Citrate-Nitrate Auto-Combustion Process: A Systematic Approach

Mridula Biswas, Prasanta Kumar Ojha, Chadalapaka Durga Prasad, Nitin Madhusudan Gokhale, Suresh Chandra Sharma
2012 Materials Sciences and Applications  
Citrate-nitrate autocombustion process is a promising synthesis route in the field of nanomaterials. This route involves many controlling parameters which ultimately affect properties of the products. In the present research work, the effect of concentration of fuel to that of metal nitrates has been studied in a systematic manner. The nature of exothermic reaction was analyzed with DSC-TGA and the powder properties were characterized by XRD, TEM and BET measurement. The properties of the
more » ... erties of the powders have been explained with respect to fuel content, vigorousness of the exothermic reaction, combustion temperature and duration. The most vigorous reaction was found to occur for the composition with FER of 0.50 with the production of the smallest crystallite size of 9 nm.
doi:10.4236/msa.2012.32017 fatcat:saaajnmxi5gs3la4xmcextwkjy