A Bathymetric Unmanned Surface Vessel for Effective Monitoring of Underwater Aggregate Extraction from the Perspective of Engineering Facilities Protection

The study aimed to apply the protection from damage to engineering facilities located near a planned underwater aggregate extraction. The analysis was conducted in compliance with mining regulations and expert opinions. The study also aimed to assess the precision and correctness of the extraction, due to economic aspects. To reach the goals, in-situ research of the mining area was conducted, with the help of an advanced bathymetric device, based on the USV methodology. The instrument – named
more » ... nstrument – named by the author as Smart-Sonar-Boat – was especially designed for underwater surveys in open-pit aggregate mines. The study analyzed the "Dwory" open-pit mine, located in southern Poland in the city of Oświęcim. The bathymetric results obtained contributed to improving the observation of changes in the bottom during the extraction. The applied USV method allowed for conducting the reliable evaluation of the mining work.
doi:10.24425/ams.2019.128689 fatcat:nbwlnh3nfrcw3n44aku4u7sx3m