Qualitative Investigation of Damage Initiation at Meso-Scale in Spheroidized C45EC Steels by Using Crystal Plasticity-Based Numerical Simulations

Muhammad Umar, Faisal Qayyum, Muhammad Umer Farooq, Sergey Guk, Ulrich Prahl
2021 Journal of Composites Science  
This research uses EBSD data of two thermo-mechanically processed medium carbon (C45EC) steel samples to simulate micromechanical deformation and damage behavior. Two samples with 83% and 97% spheroidization degrees are subjected to virtual monotonic quasi-static tensile loading. The ferrite phase is assigned already reported elastic and plastic parameters, while the cementite particles are assigned elastic properties. A phenomenological constitutive material model with critical plastic
more » ... ased ductile damage criterion is implemented in the DAMASK framework for the ferrite matrix. At the global level, the calibrated material model response matches well with experimental results, with up to ~97% accuracy. The simulation results provide essential insight into damage initiation and propagation based on the stress and strain localization due to cementite particle size, distribution, and ferrite grain orientations. In general, it is observed that the ferrite–cementite interface is prone to damage initiation at earlier stages triggered by the cementite particle clustering. Furthermore, it is observed that the crystallographic orientation strongly affects the stress and stress localization and consequently nucleating initial damage.
doi:10.3390/jcs5080222 fatcat:vytq4kh7ljfxnaymsnwsb47izu