Continuous Hydrolysis of Starch in Membrane Unit Connected Immobilized Enzyme Reactor

Dudsadee Uttapap, Yojiro Koba, Ayaaki Ishizaki
1989 Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture Kyushu University  
Use of tangential flow filtration unit (TFFU) for separation of immobilized glucoamylase particles in hydrolysis of soluble starch through a continuous mode was studied. Both the filtration rate and reducing sugars, produced as the result of enzymatic hydrolysis, decreased with the filtration time. The filtration rate at various starch concentration within 40 hours seemed to fit best into an exponential equation with a constant filtration rate at infinite time and steady state may finally be
more » ... e may finally be reached at a certain value. When the system was operated for 8 days, apparent filtration rate of the first 2 days can fit well with the exponential equation. The F, and coefficient of determination were 35 ml/h and 0.985, respectively. But after that it did not follow the assumption. The temperature was found to influence the filtration rate. Increasing in filtration rate along with increasing temperature was probably due to decreasing retrogradation of soluble starch at high temperature. Preliminary study of prefiltration found that the slurry which passed the prefilter gave a higher filtration rate in TFFU compared to nonprefiltrated slurry.
doi:10.5109/23926 fatcat:axx3l5mhtvazzhygbjqkb7ghe4