Centralized Bandwidth Management in Multi-Radio Access Networks

Balázs Héder, Péter Szilágyi, Csaba Vulkán
Radio access technology evolution resulted in two alternative architectural solutions: Evolved HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) systems with centralized architecture and LTE (Long Term Evolution) systems with distributed, full packet based architecture. Both systems are capable of providing high data rates and low latency to the users. Due to factors such as the need to preserve existing investments and reduced operational costs, for the time being these systems will coexist by sharing a common
more » ... y sharing a common transport infrastructure and by providing services over the same areas. Good user experience over these systems requires harmonized QoS (Quality of Service) architectures and fair resource sharing mechanisms even in case of transport congestion. Technological and architectural differences of HSPA and LTE systems result in fairness problems that are not handled well by existing mechanisms designed for homogeneous environments. This paper proposes a comprehensive solution which, as simulation results indicate, has superior performance and handles the fairness and QoS issues efficiently.