Aza-closo-dodecaborane(12): The story of six-coordinate nitrogen

P. Paetzold, J. Muller, F. Meyer, H.-P. Hansen, L. Schneider
1994 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
Tlie icosaliedron-type closo-aza-and closo-azamelalladodmboranes NBllH12 and MNBloHl1 and Uic corresponding neutral and anionic nidoazaundwaborancs NB10H13, NBloH12' and NBloHl 12-arc described. Tliese species are the isoclectronic analogues of Uie wcll known dicarbaborancs C~B~O H I~, MC2BgH11, C2BgH13, C2ByH12; C2BgH1 i2-. closo-Azadodecaborancs are Uie first exaniplcs of nitrogen incorporated in a cluster skeletoii willi fivc-fold connectivity and six-fold coordination, including Uic
more » ... cluding Uic em-liydrogcn atom. Several nietliods for Uie synthesis of tlic closo-and rtido-azaboranes arc reported. The slructurc of NBllHl2 is discussed. Tlie nido-anion NBl1H12X; which is Uic product of opening closo-NB11H12 by tlic action of a basc X ' , is interpreted in tcrnis of Uic rclated IlyPoUietical 13-vertex polyliedron NB12H13.
doi:10.1351/pac199466020255 fatcat:3f7jdoeannerjlfcw5vvpvuimm