Grafik Tasarım Alanındaki Araştırma Eğilimlerinin Lisansüstü Tezlere Dayalı Olarak İncelenmesi

2020 Turkish Studies-Social Sciences  
The aim of this study is to examine research trends in graphic design on the basis of postgraduate theses. In this context, research data; it has been analyzed and described in terms of years of publication, types, academic titles of consultants, departments and subjects. Criterion sampling method was adopted in the study. The criterion for selection as a sample is to be displayed when the keyword "graphic design" is entered in the subject tab in the detailed search section of the official
more » ... f the official website of the Higher Education Council (YÖK) National Thesis Center. Within this research 536 postgraduate theses that prepared in the field of graphic design between 2006-2018 by various departments of graduate education institutes in Turkey were examined. These theses were approved and archived by YÖK Documentation Department. The distribution of these postgraduate theses examined is as follows: 432 are master's, 39 are doctorate and 65 are proficiency in art thesis. In the research process, document analysis method, one of the qualitative research methods, was adopted, and categorical analysis, one of the content analysis methods, was used in the analysis of the data. The data obtained within the scope of the research were summarized in terms of percentages and frequencies. The results of the research showed that the postgraduate theses included in the sample group can be examined under 18 categories in terms of their subjects. These categories are; graphic design education, computer aided design, interdisciplinary studies, graphic language, ethics, opinion, poster, packaging design, information design, meaning-based analysis, visual identity / brand identity, graphic production techniques, book-magazine, theoretical studies, desktop publishing, multimedia, advertising graphic and typography. The research showed that the theses in the field of graphic design were prepared by 37 different departments that the theses did not show a consistent increase or decrease over the years. There were serious differences between the universities in terms of the number of theses published, and that nearly half of the theses belong to the first three universities. Structured Abstract: Introduction The universities are one of the most fundamental components of social development. The universities create, protect and spread the necessary information for the social and economic well-being of societies (Erdem, 2013) . It is possible to examine the functions of the university in three groups: education, basic scientific research and community services. Today, the functions of "education and teaching" and "scientific research" are carried out simultaneously at the universities. Postgraduate education studies carried out by institutes play an important role in the fulfillment of scientific research function of the universities. Postgraduate education has educational programs that cover graduate, post graduate and doctorate degrees,
doi:10.47356/turkishstudies.43701 fatcat:zlv7i4bf2vfznggbwkwd6e2n2u