Neonatal Pemphigus-A case report

One of the rare differential diagnosis of blistering skin lesions occurring in new-borns at birth is Neonatal Pemphigus. We report here a case of a male neonate born to a mother who was suffering from Pemphigus vulgaris, an autoimmune disorder during her second pregnancy. Mother had mucocutaneous lesions and mucosal involvement was more prominent whereas the infant had cutaneous manifestations. The disease in the mother flared up during the third trimester of pregnancy with increased oral
more » ... al involvement and was difficult to manage. The baby was growth restricted and developed fetal distress which needed resuscitation at birth.The newborn had multiple flaccid cutaneous bul-lae on the trunk and extremities which on rupture produced erosive lesions. There was no mucosal involvement. The le-sions healed in 2-3 weeks time