An LSM-based Tuple Compaction Framework for Apache AsterixDB (Extended Version) [article]

Wail Y. Alkowaileet, Sattam Alsubaiee, Michael J. Carey
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Document database systems store self-describing semi-structured records, such as JSON, "as-is" without requiring the users to pre-define a schema. This provides users with the flexibility to change the structure of incoming records without worrying about taking the system offline or hindering the performance of currently running queries. However, the flexibility of such systems does not free. The large amount of redundancy in the records can introduce an unnecessary storage overhead and impact
more » ... uery performance. Our focus in this paper is to address the storage overhead issue by introducing a tuple compactor framework that infers and extracts the schema from self-describing semi-structured records during the data ingestion. As many prominent document stores, such as MongoDB and Couchbase, adopt Log Structured Merge (LSM) trees in their storage engines, our framework exploits LSM lifecycle events to piggyback the schema inference and extraction operations. We have implemented and empirically evaluated our approach to measure its impact on storage, data ingestion, and query performance in the context of Apache AsterixDB.
arXiv:1910.08185v2 fatcat:dktqsj47i5gbrn4xyoc2aullt4