Mathematical Modelling of Dynamic System Rotor – Groove Seals

S.S. Shevchenko, G.E. Pukhov Institute for Modelling in Energy Engineering National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
2021 Èlektronnoe modelirovanie  
Groove seals are considered as hydrostatic bearings that capable of effectively damping rotor vibrations. In order to determine the dynamic characteristics, a model of the rotor–groove seals system is considered. The radial forces and moments in groove seals had been estimated. Expressions of joint radial-angular rotor vibrations in groove seals had been obtained. Formulas had been proposed for constructing amplitude and phase frequency characteristics. An example of calculating the dynamic
more » ... acteristics of a centrifugal machine rotor model is given.
doi:10.15407/emodel.43.03.017 fatcat:lacjmym3frdzpnyftc2qofjk4u