Dialects in Norway – between tolerance and standardization

Crina Leon
2014 Revista Romana de Studii Baltice si Nordice. The Romanian Journal for Baltic and Nordic Studies  
Norwegian is peculiar not only with a view to the written language, which has two official standards, but also regarding the spoken language, which lacks a standardized form. In fact, Norway is one of the most dialect-speaking countries in Europe. The use of a regional dialect in all fields of one's life is rather perceived as part of one's identity, and a sign of democracy and decentralization. Although theoretically there are four main dialects, in practice the variety of dialects differing
more » ... ialects differing in grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation is much wider, and depends on the part of the country or even on a specific town. The present paper is mainly focused on analyzing how the issue of diatopic variation in the Norwegian spoken language has been depicted in recent years (2008-2012) in Norway's largest daily newspaper, Aftenposten. Even if dialects are accepted in everyday life, one of the recurrent debates in the newspaper is however related to using a standard form at least in the news programs from the largest Norwegian television and radio company, NRK, where the language ought to be considered a point of reference. Another topic of interest is related to the dialects used in dubbing in children's television series.
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