Bats from the Restinga of Praia das Neves, state of Espírito Santo, Southeastern Brazil

Luz, J. L., Costa, L. M., Lourenço, E. C., Gomes, L. A. C., Esbérard, C. E. L.
2009 Check List  
Studies on bat richness and diversity in coastal sand dunes ('restinga') are still scarce. Therefore, the objectives of thepresent study were to estimate bat richness in the restinga of Praia das Neves (state of Espírito Santo, southeasternBrazil) and to analyze species abundance. Ten sampling nights were carried out in May and July 2008, resulting in asampling effort of 21,847.5 h.m2. We captured 125 individuals from 17 bat species. In this study, Tonatia saurophilawas recorded for the first
more » ... me not only in the state of Espírito Santo but also in the restinga ecosystem. The mostabundant species was Artibeus lituratus with 32% of all captures. Surveys in coastal restingas are urgently needed inorder to obtain more information about the bats living in this environment.
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