Characteristics of Preplaced Aggregate Concrete Fabricated with Alkali-Activated Slag/Fly Ash Cements

Salman Siddique, Hyeju Kim, Hyemin Son, Jeong Gook Jang
2021 Materials  
This study assesses the characteristics of preplaced aggregate concrete prepared with alkali-activated cement grout as an adhesive binder. Various binary blends of slag and fly ash without fine aggregate as a filler material were considered along with different solution-to-solid ratios. The properties of fresh and hardened grout along with the properties of hardened preplaced concrete were investigated, as were the compressive strength, ultrasonic pulse velocity, density, water absorption and
more » ... tal voids of the preplaced concrete. The results indicated that alkali-activated cement grout has better flowability characteristics and compressive strength than conventional cement grout. As a result, the mechanical performance of the preplaced aggregate concrete was significantly improved. The results pertaining to the water absorption and porosity revealed that the alkali-activated preplaced aggregate concrete is more resistant to water permeation. The filling capacity based on the ultrasonic pulse velocity value is discussed to comment on the wrapping ability of alkali-activated cement grout.
doi:10.3390/ma14030591 pmid:33513951 fatcat:55j65u3mxfalvcytdwugydpefu