Construction of Cooperative Learning Network Mode under Adult Higher Education

Mingxin Wu, Ewei Chu
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education, Management and Computing Technology   unpublished
This paper regards adult cooperative learning under the network environment as the research object, constructs a cooperative learning network mode under adult higher education, and discusses learning effect of applying cooperative principle into online network English learning for adults, by distributing questionnaire survey on the experimental class and control class, respectively, before and after testing, and analysis of students' online data. The result shows that theory and method of
more » ... and method of cooperative learning conform to characteristics of adult learners. Such a method not only contributes to improving learning initiative and helps a lot in improving teaching quality and building better learning atmosphere, but also can partially relieve life and work stress of students and solve influences of contraction between working and learning on study. Mode Construction of Adult Cooperative Learning Strategy in Network Environment Cooperaitve Learning. Adult cooperative learning strategy in network environment refers to a learning style that uses convenience of online information transfer to provide common learning activities for learners. In this pattern, learners are learning subjects. Teachers are partners and instructos. In learning process, learners exchange learning independently with learning partners in accordance with their demands and possibiliteis. In learning, when learners encounter with problems, they can discuss and common solve with learning partners on the internet. Expect for answering questions, sometimes teachers also can guide discussion, participate in debates, observe learning stuats of learners, and conduct individual coaching in necessity.
doi:10.2991/icemct-15.2015.245 fatcat:3mll2szucna2leuvxsycmmu2wm