Current Application and Technology of Functional Multineuron Calcium Imaging

Shigehiro Namiki, Yuji Ikegaya
2009 Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin  
Here we describe recent applications and technical advancements of functional multineuron calcium imaging (fMCI), which monitors the firing activity of more than a thousand neurons through their somatic Ca 2؉ signals. fMCI is used for analysis of various neural circuits under normal and pathological conditions. In vitro fMCI is made more sophisticated by using multipoint illumination and scanning technology with spinning-disk and low-laser-intensity imaging, electron-multiplying charge-coupled
more » ... evice cameras, etc. In vivo fMCI is still developing. We review optical technologies for fast scanning imaging, deep tissue imaging, and recording from moving animals. Traces represent simultaneous cell attached recording (top) and Ca 2ϩ imaging (bottom) from a cortical neuron. Note timgins of Ca 2ϩ transients are correlated with those of action potentials. This allows us to reconstruct a series of action potentials from calcium traces alone.
doi:10.1248/bpb.32.1 pmid:19122272 fatcat:qylpv25frvd5dlvrtrcwqskupm