The Potential of Broiler Chicken Development: A Case Study of Broiler Breeders in Kambu District, Kendari City

Amiluddin Indi, Deki Zulkarnain, Yamin Yaddi, Asriamin Mursadat
2022 Advances in biological sciences research   unpublished
This study aims to determine the carrying capacity of broiler chicken development in Kambu District, Kendari City. Purposive sampling technique with four farmers who maintain broiler chickens in Kambu District. This study uses descriptive analysis to formulate and interpret existing data to provide a clear picture of broiler productivity in the field. The results of this study indicate that in Kambu District, Kendari City has a carrying capacity for the development of broiler chickens. It can
more » ... seen from the availability of human resources such as the level of high school education has reached 75%, the experience of raising 5-10 years and above has reached 50%, the utilization of labor is very efficient. Feeding is efficient two times a day; the average harvest age is 35 days with a dominant harvest weight of 2 -2.2 kg/bird or has reached 75%. At the same time, the mortality rate in chickens is only between 4 to 4.8% of the scale ownership 2,000-2,500 birds every breeder.
doi:10.2991/absr.k.220309.013 fatcat:eopueiwgyfat5ckho65g2ggipm