Study on the Electrochemical Oxidation Treatment of Coking Wastewater by DSA Anode

Qiyuan Gu, Jin Zheng
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 Asia-Pacific Energy Equipment Engineering Research Conference   unpublished
Commercial DSA anode was employed for electrochemical oxidation treatment of coking wastewater, and the effect of electrolytes, working potential, and ultraviolet irradiation were examined. An effective removal of chemical oxygen demand (COD), thiocyanate (SCN -), volatile phenol and total nitrogen (TN) was observed during electrochemical oxidation process. The presence of NaCl (0.01 mol/L) enhanced the TN removal significantly, and the removal of TN under 9 V working potential improved from
more » ... al improved from 15.9% in the absence of NaCl to 56.4% in the presence, which can be ascribed to the indirect oxidation of hypochlorite. Both the working potential and ultraviolet irradiation were capable of enhancing the degradation efficiency. From the UV-Vis absorbance curves before and after the electrochemical oxidation, the pollutants in the coking wastewater were efficiently removed and this indicates that electrochemical oxidation is a practical approach for the coking wastewater treatment.
doi:10.2991/ap3er-15.2015.71 fatcat:ooaefuwdzremrl5bcywgj2d2se