Analytical Calculations of Some Effects of Tidal Forces on Plants on the International Space Station

Henri Gouin
2021 Forests  
Among the phenomena attributable to the Moon's actions on living organisms, one of them seems to be related to analytical fluid mechanics: along the route of the International Space Station around the Earth, experiments on plants have revealed leaf oscillations. A parametric resonance due to a short period of microgravitational forces could explain these oscillations. Indeed, Rayleigh-Taylor's instabilities occurring at the interfaces between liquid-water and its vapor verify a second-order
more » ... ieu differential equation. This is the case of interfaces existing in the xylem channels of plant stems filled with sap and air-vapor. The magnitude of the instabilities depends on the distances between the Moon, the Sun, and the Earth. They are analogous, but less spectacular, to those that occur during ocean tides.
doi:10.3390/f12111443 fatcat:6jqlosbgqnbf5kihs326y7iafe