Supporting Self-Management in Veterans with Chronic Pain: A Policy Perspective

Erin Lind, Lind, Joseph Burkard, Chairperson Mary, Jo Clark, Seminar Faculty, David Bittleman, Erin Lind, Dnp Student, David Bittleman, Mary Clark, Joseph Burkard (+2 others)
2015 unpublished
The purpose of the project was to do an evidence-based review of the effectiveness of promoting self-care on pain levels and quality of life among veterans with chronic pain at a national level. A review of current chronic pain management policies for veterans in southern California was also conducted. Active self-management initiatives permit more diverse, patient-centered treatment, promote self-management, and are relatively safe and cost-effective. Our results have confirmed that chronic
more » ... med that chronic pain is on the forefront of priorities for the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) due to an increasing rate of both chronic pain and opioid overdoses. 7