Scorpionates: Coordination Chemistry Comes Home

Roman Kresinski, Seema Pillai, Peter Foot
2019 Chemical technology and engineering. Proceedings.2019.№1   unpublished
Some underreported aspects of polypyrazolylborate chemistry are explored, in particular novel lanthanide coordination chemistry and zwitterionic ligand replacements of this so-called "scorpionate" class of ligands. The application of these ligands to future materials engineering is postulated and, finally, the historic relevance of the topic to L'viv is described. Кеуwordsscorpionates, scorpionate ligands, polypyrazolylborates, polypyrazolylborate ligands, Trofimenko, Swiatoslaw, materials engineering, lanthanide ions.
doi:10.23939/cte2019.01.397 fatcat:q22knno57vhojmdepwmqmqj4g4