Austenite Grain Boundary Pinning during Reheating by Mixed AlN and Nb(C,N) Particles

Amrita Kundu
2014 ISIJ International  
The present study investigates the role of aluminium nitride (AlN) on grain boundary pinning during reheating in presence of niobium carbonitrides (Nb(C,N)) and subsequent evolution of grain size distribution. Three as continuously cast slabs of high strength low alloy steels containing different levels of Nb (between 0.045 -0.019 wt%) and Al (between 0.057 -0.02 wt%) have been characterized in terms of phase balance, ferrite grain size distribution and particle size distribution. Precipitate
more » ... stributions have also been determined following simulated reheating schedules. The prior austenite grain size distributions after reheating have been correlated with precipitate distribution. Quantification of precipitate and prior austenite grain size distributions after reheating unveils the governing mechanisms for precipitate dissolution/ coarsening. It is observed that grain boundary pinning is controlled by AlN at temperatures below 1 125°C, but by Nb(C,N) at higher temperatures. different continuously cast slabs of low carbon HSLA steel with varying Nb and Al content.
doi:10.2355/isijinternational.54.677 fatcat:y26wafkt6vhtjmn7fo36sfljsa