Limit Line Policy the Short-term Impact Study of Chongqing Urban Air Quality

Yin Zeng, Shaobin Huang
2022 Frontiers in Sustainable Development  
In recentyears,more and more serious congestion and environmental problems. Beginning in 2008, Beijing, China for the first time use of motor vehicles. The limit line policy, then the measures of different degree of restrictions taken in different places.Because chongqing landform is unique, therefore its policy restrictions have high research value. This article is based on the terrain characteristics of chongqing and the present situation of traffic, using a single differential method to
more » ... ate the implementation of the policy have a short-term impact on the quality of the weather, the implementation of the data show that different from other cities, limit line policy of chongqing urban air quality has a certain role in promoting, but the effect is not obvious. At the same time, the policy did not cause the second increase in private car purchase behavior.
doi:10.54691/fsd.v2i7.1326 fatcat:xlkiobl465g47lb5v2wrvbrflq