Spending Power and match attendance: is Romanian football a normal or an inferior good?

Vlad Roşca
2012 Theoretical and Applied Economics   unpublished
Drawing on a database containing information on spending power of individuals and match attendance in the national football championship for 2006-2010, this research has the purpose to find out whether Romanian football is a normal or an inferior good. For making the correlation between the two economic proxys, the bivariate analysis function in SPSS was used. The results show a significant and negative correlation between the variables, indicating that football is an inferior good. In the
more » ... ssion section, the paper presents some of the reasons that made local soccer reach inferiority and shows suggestions that could be implemented in order to not allow further coverage and attendance losses to occur due to the inferior status. The paper contributes to a better understanding of the local football industry, the latter one lacking economic and business oriented management which could make it more performant.